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New heritage garden brightens up our Bognor campus

A new heritage garden has opened on the Ƶ’s Bognor Regis campus, providing a green corridor between the Tech Park and the rest of its academic buildings. The garden has been made possible thanks to a generous gift from the late David Hood. David was passionate about his time at the Bognor campus and the new green space will be enjoyed by the many students and staff who visit the campus daily.

The heritage garden pays homage to the original use of the land as a walled garden, when it was owned by a leading horticulturalist, The Earl of Arran. The landscape design includes drought-resistant plants and plants known to thrive in a coastal environment, helping improve the biodiversity of the Bognor campus. A small orchard and herb garden will also form part of the site. The garden is sustainable and low maintenance and includes bee and insect-friendly plants to attract pollinators.

Professor Jane Longmore, Vice-Chancellor of the Ƶ said: “We are very grateful for the generous donation which has made this new heritage garden a reality. We hope that students and staff will be able to relax and enjoy the new space for many years to come.”

Among the plants selected to reflect the garden’s original role as a fruit garden are heritage pears and plums, quince and medlars. A mix of structural and ornamental planting will provide interest throughout the year. Native herbs to the UK will include sea fennel, mallow and sea kale, which will be complimented by Mediterranean herbs such as rosemary which do well in the mild coastal climate.

Professor Jane Longmore, Vice-Chancellor of the Ƶ opens the new heritage garden

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